Our events are about to get a whole lot greener! We’re working hard to reduce our environmental impact and to leave each venue cleaner than we found it.

We are now accredited with Sustainable Travel Ireland and have also partnered with Trash Free MTB to help improve the sustainability of our events.

As part of this we are employing a ‘Sustainability Champion’ to promote and help out at all of our events.

Here are some quick wins:

✅ One dedicated bin station at the event with recycling, compost and refuse bins.

✅ 1 number plate per person for the year. Hemp twine rather than zip ties to secure number plates and banners.

✅ Reusable zip ties where required.

✅ Working with our vendors to reduce waste and improve sustainability of their products and to encourage working with local providers.

✅ Promoting leave no trace and a trash free trails ethos to riders.

✅ No printing of competitor notes etc.

We will be recording and reporting how much waste we produce at the each event. This will give us a target for next season and a base to work from.

We’re delighted to be starting this journey and hope you’ll all join us in being a little big greener this season.