• Make yourself aware of any updates to the rules.
  • Stop and help an injured rider, you are considered a travelling marshal


  • A practice ban will come into place 1 week before each event, 10 minute penalty applies.
  • All riders must register and display their number when riding.
  • Riders must make their way unassisted to each stage.
  • A cut off time applies whereby riders must reach a set point on the course or they will not be allowed continue. Details will be sent in competitor notes in the days before the event.
  • There are 3 events in the series, each carrying equal points.
  • Each event day is limited to 250 riders.
  • There are awards for the top 3 riders in each category for each event and the overall series. 


Mash Up

  • Saturday race
  • 3 stages, plus power stage for ebikes in any order
  • As many time as you like
  • Best run on each stages counts


  • Saturday practice
  • Sunday race
  • 6 stages in order
  • 1 run counts, no repeats


The online system automatically sets your category when you input your date of birth.

  • Youth (12-13) (Mashup Only)
  • Under 17 (14-16)
  • Under 21 (17-20)
  • Senior (21-29)
  • Master (30-39)
  • Women
  • Women 40+
  • Veteran (40-49)
  • Super Veteran (50+)
  • Ebike Mashup (19+)
  • Ebike Classic (19+)
  • Hardtail (14+)
  • Pro (Classic only – Sunday)
  • There are two Ebike categories, Mashup and Classic.
    • The ‘Ebike Mashup’ category on Saturday route is the same 3 stages as the regular mashup, plus the power stage. These can be done in any order as many time as you like and your best time on each of the stages counts.
    • The ‘Ebike Classic’ category on Sunday is the same route as the regular classic, plus the power stage, plus the mashup route, so a total of 10 stages. For example stage 1, stage 1, stage 2, power stage, stage 3, stage 3, stage 4, stage 5, stage 5, stage 6.
  • Age group example: a rider entering the 30 – 39 category must a minimum of 29 and a maximum of 38 on the 1st of January. If you are 39 on the 1st January, you may turn 40 during the season and be too old for 30-39 category, so you should race 40 – 49.
  • Riders must be at least 12 years old on the day of the event. All first time youth riders must complete an evaluation day before entering, please email for details of the next session.
  • If a rider decides to change category during the season, they forfeit the points scored at previous events and will start again at the next round in their new category. 


  • Online entry opens on the 1st of December at 10am.
  • Entry closes on Thursday before each event at 10pm.
  • Each event day is limited to 250 places.
  • Upon registering, you agree to the rules of the event.
  • Entry will not be taken on the day of the event.
  • You will have the same number plate for the season.
  • In the interest of safety there is a cut off time, you will be advised of this in your competitor notes.
  • 2 weeks to event – Entries are non refundable unless you are unable to compete for medical reasons.
  • 1 week to event – There are no refunds or transfers available.
  • It is also not possible to transfer entries to any other events, next year’s event, or a different competitor.
  • There is a €5 admin fee for all refunds.
  • You must present your Cycling Ireland Competition Licence at registration or purchase a general one day licence (which covers you for the whole event) at a cost of €20.
  • If you have a Cycling Ireland Leisure Licence there is a top up fee of €10.


  • You cannot change your bike on race day. 
  • Bikes will be scrutinised at before departing to ride the course.
  • In the case of mechanical failure, parts such as brakes, tires, saddles, etc can be changed if needs be but extra time is not provided for this.
  • Frames, forks, and wheels are marked with stickers to ensure they are not change during the race itself. These stickers are checked when you are finished the event.
  • All bikes must have bar plugs.
  • Bikes must be in perfect working order.
  • Competitors may not modify race number plates.
  • The race director has the right to deny entry to the event they feel a bike is not of a suitable standard.
  • Ebikes
    • An E-Mountain Bike is a bike operated with two energy sources, human pedal power and an electric engine, which only provides assistance when the rider is pedalling.
    • Maximum engine assistance up to 25km/hr.
    • Pedalling assistance only, although a start-up assistance not exceeding 6km/hr without pedalling is allowed.
    • Ebike riders can use unlimited amount of batteries, though they can only be changed in the parking field or race paddock.


  • All riders must wear a full face helmet while riding the stages, regardless of whether practicing or racing. An open face helmet may be worn during the liaisons.
  • Youth (12-13) and Under 17 (14-16) riders must wear a spinal protector.
  • Gloves, knee, elbow and back protection are recommended but not compulsory.
  • Each competitor should be completely self-sufficient.
  • 12 to 13 year old category – Elbow pads, knee pads full face helmet and spine protection compulsory.


  • Mobile phone 
  • Basic first aid kit (Minimum: 1 x Dressing Pad for heavy bleeding (field dressing); bandage, plasters)
  • Survival bag or foil blanket
  • Energy food and drink
  • Wind / waterproof jacket (weather permitting)
  • Bike repair kit (tube, pump or CO2 canisters, allen keys, chain tool)
  • You must bring all mandatory equipment with you throughout the race.
  • Pre-race, during and post races checks will be undertaken in the interest of safety and fairness.


Mash Up – Saturday

The course is approximately 20km long with 3 mainly downhill timed stages plus the power stage. You can ride the stages in any order, any number of times within the notified time limit of 5 hours. There is a cut off to be back at the race village by 3.30. The liaison between stages is not timed so you can ride at your leisure and catch up with your pals. The stages are technical and steep. Please note this event is not suitable for beginners. Your fastest times on each of the 3 stages plus the power stage are added together to form your overall time.

Classic – Sunday

The course is approximately 25km long with 5 mainly downhill timed stages. You must ride the stages in numerical order from 1 to 6 and within 5 hours. There is a cut off to be back at the race village by 3.30. The liaison between stages is not timed so you can ride at your leisure and catch up with your pals. The stages are technical and steep. Please note this event is not suitable for beginners. Your 6 stage times are added together to form your overall time. There are no second chances, 1 run and done!

  • Details of the routes will be made known before the event in the competitor notes, sent 2 days in advance.
  • Liaison stages are not timed and do not count for the overall standing.
  • This course is marked with signs, and some sections double taped, otherwise riders must follow the trail.
  • If a competitor exits the stage course, they must re-enter the same point and restore the tape as they found it.
  • If three or more riders report another rider cutting a stage course, an investigation shall be conducted.
  • Please note this event is not suitable for beginners.


  • Each rider receives a timing chip on the morning of the event, which must be worn on their wrist.
  • Riders can start as soon as they reach the beginning of the stage, there are no start times or running order. 
  • There will be minimum 20 second time intervals between riders starting a stage. This will be enforced when there are queues.
  • The timing system is accurate to the nearest thousand of a second. In the event of a tie on the final stage, the preceding stage time will be used until there is no tie.
  • All riders have the same time limit to complete the event in, 5hrs, this will be confirmed in competitor notes in advance.
  • There is a cut off time, to be back at the race village by 3.30.
  • If a faster rider is behind you on a stage, be polite and allow them to pass. If you are the faster rider, be patient, give lots of warming and clear directions as to what side you will pass. For example; shout left, if you intend to pass on the left hand side of the rider in front. 
  • If you stop to help an injured rider you may repeat the stage. 
  • If, while passing a slower rider, you cause them to crash or run off the course, you may be disqualified. 
  • You may not repeat the stage if you suffer a mechanical failure on course. 
  • Riders who retire must return to the car park as soon as possible following the instructions of race marshals
  • The ranking of each competitor is the sum of the stage times, plus any time penalties.


Changing bike or major part of bike. 5 min penalty
Course cutting. 5 min penalty
Rolling start. 1 min penalty
Not wearing, strap not buckled or removal of helmet. 1st offence 5 min penalty, 2nd offence disqualification
Outside assistance e.g. receiving food, mechanical assistance, clean goggles etc. 5 min penalty
Exceeding cut off time. 1 second for every minute over time
Failure to carry mandatory kit. Equipment stashing. 5 min penalty
Not displaying or modifying number board. 5 min penalty
Failure to adhere to practice bans. 5 min penalty
Aggressive riding or trick acting in race village. 1st offence warning, 2nd offence 5 min penalty
Foul or abusive language towards race officials. Disqualification
Failure to obey marshal’s instructions. Disqualification
Interference of the track layout by removal of rocks, branches etc. 5 min penalty
Modified or chipped Ebike. Disqualification
Outside assistance from an Ebike rider e.g. Towing etc. 5 min penalty for both riders
Use of uplifts. 5 min penalty


  • It is the duty of each competitor to assist any competitor who appears to be injured or in difficulty and possibly alert the race organisation.
  • The race director reserves the right to penalize or disqualify competitors that do not meet this standard.
  • Competitors who withdraw from the event must notify the race office as soon as possible.
  • Competitors must adhere to the rules of the event and the rules of the road, particularly during sections on public roads.


There are 3 events in the series, each carrying equal points. The overall ranking is calculated based on your best three results. In the event of a tie for overall points, the rider who finishes higher in the final round is declared the winner. Riders must compete in the final round to be awarded an overall podium placing, though you do not need to score points. Points are awarded for each event as follows:

1° 250

2° 200

3° 170

4° 150

5° 130

6° 100

7° 90

8° 80

9° 70

10° 60

11° 50

12° 40

13° 35

14° 30

15° 25

16° 22

17° 20

18° 18

19° 16

20° 14

21° 13

22° 12

23° 11

24° 9

25° 8

26° 7

27° 6

28° 5

29° 4

30° 3


Riders who finish in the top three in their category must attend the podium presentation. Pro riders who fail to make the presentation may forfeit their position, series points and prizes unless a representative can take their position.


Complaints regarding the conduct of the event, rankings or the behaviour of other competitors and any other type of report must be submitted to the race director, written and signed by the competitor no later than 30 minutes after the podium presentation. The cost of the claim is €25 which will be returned only in case of acceptance of the complaint. The race director shall communicate their decision within 60 minutes after the submission of that claim unless further investigation is required.


Gravity Enduro events are held under Cycling Ireland event regulations and as such all participants must be members of Cycling Ireland. The Gravity Enduro organisers shall not be held liable in any way for any loss, damage or accidents that may occur during any Gravity Enduro competition, on the same track either before or after an event.